May 15, 2018

Our Stories

Before I came to America, I did not know many Christians.  I didn’t understand what they believed.  When I met some Christians in the Washington, D.C., area we quickly became friends.  We had many good and friendly conversations about the Bible and the Koran. Each person I met was very kind and eager to help me with English, understanding American culture, and the other questions I had.  They welcomed me into their homes and lives with joy.  Through my friendship with them, I found love and acceptance.                                                                                 

— Ali, from Iran, age 38 

Crossing paths and sharing life with Leila [from Iran] has been one of the greatest surprise blessings in our family’s life.  Taking the “risk” to extend the hand of friendship through barriers of language and culture has enriched our hearts and home in beautiful ways.  Where Leila was once a stranger, she is now a heart sister.

— Chloe, from Washington, D.C., age 37


I came to the U.S. to visit my brother, and I met some Christians through an ESL class at a local church. We began to learn English together, but that was just the beginning of a wonderful friendship. We had dinners together, visited each other’s homes, shared stories about our cultures, and enjoyed life together. Most of all, we laughed a lot! The people in that Jesus community became like family to me, and we love each other deeply. 

— Mohammed, from Sudan, age 27